Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 1 Fremantle

Our first stop - Frementle Market which is only available on the weekend!

Freemantle building itself is a heritage building, you can see it from the years stated on the building.It's basically a market that sells food, souvenir, arts etc. We didn't have our breakfast fix over here thou as we are saving our stomach for fish and chips~ We grab some snack like fried calamari, potato chips and some fruit juice.
Entrance of Fremantle Market
You will get to see alot of different performance on the street, is really interesting! If you are not in hurry, just stop by and have a look at the performance.

Different kinds of coffee bean, quite regret i didnt grab any! 
We did not spend really long hours at the market as we are really hungry and craving for the legendary fish & Chip which is strongly recommend by our friend. Remember to buy the caramel macadamia from the market, if you love caramel =) 

Circerello's Fish & Chip! 
 It is located by the harbour, so if you are sitting outside, you will have alot of birdie accompanying you while you dine. Of course, they are also eyeing on your leftover foods, when you stand up and leave just stay around to see what happen haha!
Steady and eyeing for food! 

Selfie time! 

See the background? Stunningly beautiful! 

This is a MUST! The Chili Mussels is so YUM! 

Fish & Chips! 

Dont worry about the fries, you will get plenty of it! Basically we ordered, Chili Mussels, Two place of Fish & Chips and Salt and Pepper Squid (spot it on the pic above) Believe it or not, that's all what we order for the 7 of us and we cant finish it (so not us!) I'm not really a fish and chip person, so i fancy the mussels and the squid more haha. 

Nice view, Nice Food, Best Friends.. What more to ask for on a holiday? 

If you are visiting there, do remember to check the weather, not fun to go on a rainy day!  

More details for Cicerello's : 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hello Perth!

The moment i step out of the airport, I knew i would love Perth!
Blue Sky, White Cloud, what more can i ask for? With some cooling breeze greeting our face, glad that i made the choice to go Perth with my bffs.

It's my very first trip to Australia, and i'm so excited about it! I know nobody really reading my blog anymore now, since the content had been so blank after i became an auditor. Still, i decide to blog about my trip as this would be a great place to save down my memories(since the brain memory is so limited and i cant upsize it with SD card lol)
My first view of Perth

Sunday, July 7, 2013


都市人的生活 总是那么的仓促和匆忙 
只有旅行时 才能真正喘一口气(虽然我们的行程也很紧凑 lol) 

去了一趟台湾, 感受了台湾人的热情



希望这趟旅程能让我好好再反省一下自己的人生 =) 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

sometimes i just DONT feel like grabbing those opportunities given. 

Because i'm not there yet.. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

双喜城酒家- Oriental Viva

Chinese people have a saying, 民以食为天 
So, celebrating birthday would be a good reason for us to tuck in with good food! 
My dad is a traditional man, so Chinese restaurant would be the best place to celebrate his birthday! 

And here we are at  双喜城酒家- Oriental Viva

龙 虾 肉 南 天 烩 鱼 翅 
 I love the broth! The pumpkin blend in well to this dish. 

缤 纷 乳 香 肉 
 I shall give a thumb up for this! But is only limited to one per person. The pork was crispy and goes well with all the vege. Yum Yum! 
治 味 猪 肚 捞 嫩 鸡 
 Not bad, we dont really take intestines but with all the onions,garlic, ginger marinate together we happily finish it.. 
豚 肉 月 光 波 菜 
豚 肉 月 光 波 菜  2
 This must be finish while its hot, too much starch in it. When it got cold, is kinda geli 

上 海 粉 皮 泡 椒 蒸 游 水 鲈 鱼 
 Not much comment for the fish, but you see the white kuey teow thing? That's quite special to me. 
鲍 鱼 焗 饭 
 I think i'd tried better one in China, but not bad =) 

Cake from Delectable
 The Chocolate cake taste good, but not the cream =X 

Happy Birthday Papa! 

We order the set menus for 6 pax RM388++
There are various other type of set menus available, you can check out from their website but it must be reserve in advance for taking the set menus!

This is our very first time visiting this place, to our surprise it was actually quite full house despite it is located at a very deserted 3rd floor, and corner place. Would love to go back and try other dish again =)

How to go there? 
Located at: 3rd Floor, Viva Home Shopping Mall, Jalan Loke Yew Kuala Lumpur

More info:-

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I love egg tarts!

I guess everyone know Hong Kong got a lot of hidden gem, below are the few of must eat restaurant! 

1. 添好运点心专门点(Lucky Dim Sum) -深水埗 (Sham Shui Po)

If you bought a Hong Kong Travel Guide, you will definitely go through list of Michelin Restaurant. Of course alot of it were really luxurious restaurant and not my budget to pay a visit. But this one star dim sum is definitely a good place to get good food and not hurt your purse! 
Famous Dim Sum Place 

clockwise from left:- 1.荷叶饭 2.酥皮叉烧包3.虾饺4.桂花糕

YumYum List:- 
1.荷叶饭  2.酥皮叉烧包 3.皮蛋瘦肉粥 4.虾饺 5.烧卖

How to go? 
Take a cab! Just tell the taxi driver the shop name and he know where to bring you ;)

Next, this is the unforgettable ice tea and egg tart i ever had, according to Mr Bf, is the best Cold Milk Tea he ever had in Hong Kong...

2。金风茶餐厅 - 湾仔春园街41号
Located in a little corner shop lot, took us quite some time to look for it but definitely worth the journey, we have to passby some wet market, toy shops and etc.. Actually i kinda like this place, it shows the real life style of Hong Kong people. Heard some bad comments that the food was serve cold but i didnt encounter any of it. My Chicken pie and egg tart was hot, i guess just came out of the oven. You can also see queue out there where many are taking away the pastry.

unforgettable  <3 nbsp="nbsp" td="td">
YumYum List:-
1. Cold Milk Tea (冻奶茶) 2.Chicken Pie (鸡肉派)3. Egg Tart (蛋挞)

How to go? 

3。泰昌饼家 - 中环 (Central)
I think i dont have to say much for this famous bakery shop. If i'm not mistaken there're few branches of it. 

Kiss my yummy egg tart! 

YumYum List:-
Egg Tart (蛋挞) Egg Tart (蛋挞) Egg Tart (蛋挞)

How to go? 
There's a lot of shops to walk around this area, also rather near to 石板街,going to share it at next post. 

4。 金华冰厅-旺角

Its a very famous cafe in the area, it had a great customer service and also good food! 
This place is full with people, from local to tourist. I think its famous for its oven made egg tarts! Just smelling at it make me hungry ^^ 
I think i forgot to mention that all the cafe might need to share table during peak hour, is part of Hong Kong culture =) 

YumYum List:-
Egg Tart (蛋挞) Po Lo Bun(Pineapple) 菠萝包 Milk Tea (奶茶)

How to go? 

Writing this post, make me hungry =(
Missing Hong Kong again... 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Stanley Prison?

If you were a TVB fans, you definitely heard o the Stanley prison (赤柱监狱) before, i always thought that's the place for prison and nothing much to see. I'm so wrong. See it for yourself 


Mountain VS Sea, great feng shui

Goin through all the shops in 

The blue building, appear in one of the TVB drama.

How to go there? 
By Bus 香港岛线中环站(Central Station),乘巴士6A
It was quite a long journey to reach Stanley, you will pass by Repulse Bay first. If you have sufficient time, do take a stop at one of the beaches. Sadly, i only get to see it from the bus as is not part of our plan =( 
Go down at the end of the stop, and walk around at the town. 
Stanley Plaza/Market, you will be able to find lots of shop selling various type of things. 
Almost get myself a Iphone player dock, it was really cheap but was rather worry on the quality. 
Great place for photo shooting, love the ambiance.

After the sight-seeing, we take the bus out to 铜锣湾(CausewayBay)
I guess i dont have to say  much here, as what we do is shop all the way till we drop!
Longchamp- 崇光百货 Sogo
Hollister- 希慎廣場 Hysan Place (P/S: you can find the famous 诚品书店 here too~ )
Gucci/H&M/ZARA and etc, you can easily find them ;) 

After we done our shopping, our night plan is to 尖沙咀(Tsim Sha Tsui). I never watch the symphony of lights before, so we purposely waited till 8pm for it. It was really a disappointment =X 
Don't bother waiting for it.. 

Just enjoy the night view and snap photo along the 星光大道 (Avenue of Star)

Next: 奶茶/蛋挞 <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">