Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 1 Fremantle

Our first stop - Frementle Market which is only available on the weekend!

Freemantle building itself is a heritage building, you can see it from the years stated on the building.It's basically a market that sells food, souvenir, arts etc. We didn't have our breakfast fix over here thou as we are saving our stomach for fish and chips~ We grab some snack like fried calamari, potato chips and some fruit juice.
Entrance of Fremantle Market
You will get to see alot of different performance on the street, is really interesting! If you are not in hurry, just stop by and have a look at the performance.

Different kinds of coffee bean, quite regret i didnt grab any! 
We did not spend really long hours at the market as we are really hungry and craving for the legendary fish & Chip which is strongly recommend by our friend. Remember to buy the caramel macadamia from the market, if you love caramel =) 

Circerello's Fish & Chip! 
 It is located by the harbour, so if you are sitting outside, you will have alot of birdie accompanying you while you dine. Of course, they are also eyeing on your leftover foods, when you stand up and leave just stay around to see what happen haha!
Steady and eyeing for food! 

Selfie time! 

See the background? Stunningly beautiful! 

This is a MUST! The Chili Mussels is so YUM! 

Fish & Chips! 

Dont worry about the fries, you will get plenty of it! Basically we ordered, Chili Mussels, Two place of Fish & Chips and Salt and Pepper Squid (spot it on the pic above) Believe it or not, that's all what we order for the 7 of us and we cant finish it (so not us!) I'm not really a fish and chip person, so i fancy the mussels and the squid more haha. 

Nice view, Nice Food, Best Friends.. What more to ask for on a holiday? 

If you are visiting there, do remember to check the weather, not fun to go on a rainy day!  

More details for Cicerello's : 

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